Easy ways to Deal with Stock Market Crash 2021

stock market crash

We all know about the 2021 stock market crash. And investing in the stock market during such a market crash may seem extremely foolish.  However, most people tend to underestimate the opportunities and advantages of the market crash. Now you might be wondering, “How can a market crash give advantage?” I think the author has … Read more

Systematic and Unsystematic Risks: The 2 Main Types of Risks in Stock Market

systematic and unsystematic risk

I’ll be very honest! Investing in the stock market is subject to market uncertainties. Not as risky as cryptocurrency, but also not as safe as fixed deposits. In today’s world, not taking any risk is the biggest risk! There are different types of risks involved everywhere. Life is about managing risk, not avoiding it. If our … Read more

Buying and selling stocks 101

buying and selling stocks

I have seen many people struggling to figure out the perfect time to buy and sell stocks. Even great, smart investors face difficulties in buying and selling stocks at the right time.  Since most people don’t know the exact buying and selling strategies, they end up losing profits and regretting them throughout their lives. Therefore, … Read more

Here’s a Quick Introduction to the Stock Market

introduction to the stock market

Hello, people !!! I hope you guys are doing well. Today we are going to have a quick introduction to the stock market before we proceed further for some advanced knowledge. So, let’s dive in. Introduction to the stock market I think you might have heard of the term “stock market” before jumping into this … Read more


how to start investing in the stock market

Do you want to start investing in stocks but are afraid of how to do so? This is a frequently asked question, so don’t be concerned. We are here for you.  The stock market is an ever-expanding and complex field. Its intricacies have been mostly overlooked by the general public, which often considers it similar … Read more